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From Fortune 10's to start-ups, read how Tines adds value to the world's leading security teams.

Joel Perez-Sanchez
Security Engineer at OpenTable
The thing we like about Tines is the flexibility of the product. We can hook it up to any of our tools. Rather than having to buy a specific tool that works with Tines, it works with whatever we already have. If it has an API, Tines can integrate with it.
Tom Sage
Security Engineer, Sophos
"Tines offers a refreshing personal touch. It’s a really good product to use. You can get things done really quickly. We could achieve similar results by writing manual code, but it would take a very long time."
John McSweeney
Director of Active Defence, McKesson
"We’ve found that just one of our earliest implementations frees up 1.5 analysts per week. That’s a lot of human hours that we can put into more complicated and professionally rewarding work. Our success is built on automation, and that success is built on Tines."
Brandon Maxwell
"Other platforms have a lot of unnecessary complexity, but Tines is flexible, lightweight, and easy to use."
Tristan Waldear
Security Automation Manager, Box
"Integrating Tines with our existing technology was incredibly easy, and the super-responsive support we receive has made the ride even smoother."

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